Execution Committee

The execution of the Book Prize and Scholarship are made possible by the support of a committee of volunteers and one paid part time staff, Cindy Hung. Thank you to everyone for their time and dedication to support the future of Hong Kong's youth.  


Co-chairs: Serena Fan, Calvin Lee

Committee Members:

Anne Chiou, Angela Chang, Clara Wang, Erin Dillard, Paul Cruickshank, Renee Boey, Samantha Merton, Tak Chung


Co-chairs:  Calvin Lee, Renee Boey, Serena Fan

Committee Members:

Angela Chang, Billy Chan, Brandon Lin, Catherine Shih, Clara Wong, Debbie Liao, Edward Chan, Javan Lee, Philo Alto, Rita Pang, Sally Xu, Samantha Merton, Suning Hang, Tak Chung, Warren Allerige, Xiao Ke Kang, Anthony Wong 

A big thank you to Rebecca Walker Chan, Serena Fan, and Edward Chan, for building this website.